Wilson's Garden of Hope Play Therapy & Counseling Center

  "Planting seeds of change daily."           

Donald W. Weatherford

Graduate Intern, Supervised Therapist

I am available to work together with you on becoming the best version of you.

I can only be me!” This is my mantra and I believe that it holds true for just about everyone. I continue to grow and develop and be my own true authentic self. The journey is over when life has ended. As a Graduate Intern, Supervised Therapist, my goal is to work with others on their journey of finding their own true authentic self. The journey can be a tumultuous one, but the result of mental peace and mindfulness is worth the journey. I am completing my M. S. of Mental Health Counseling at Capella University, a CACREP accredited academic establishment. I am an honors student and a member of the academic honors society, Chi Sigma Iota. I am an active member of LPCA and AMHCA. I have a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Phoenix. My therapeutic approach continues to grow and develop but I am drawn toward mindfulness, existentialism, humanism, and client-centered approaches.

The client is in control of their goals.

My experience is a continual process. My life experiences have provided me with a foundation that can be directed towards a plethora of populations, including children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. I have experience as an HIV/AIDS educator, an HIV counselor, working with ‘At Risk’ adults and adolescents, working with LGBT and questioning youth and adults, and addictive behaviors. My interests in the mental health world include working with ‘at-risk’ adolescents and young adults; addiction counseling, trauma counseling, and most recently, play therapy. Helping others to help themselves through education and the therapeutic process is what I am all about.

The facility accepts all major forms of insurance except Amerigroup and SSI. 

***I offer sliding scale services***
B.S. in Psychology
M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (Pending graduation 6/15/2018)
Certified Addiction Counseling Prep

Population Focus:
Children ages 7 and older
At Risk or High Risk Population

Clinical Background/Affilation:
American Mental Health and Counseling Association
Licensed Professional Counselor Association of Georgia
American Counseling Association
Chi Sigma Iota