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August 2017 Trainings

A. Expressive Arts in the Playroom (Sand and Music)

Date: Saturday, August 26, 2017

Time: 0900-1600 (Eastern Standard Time)

This workshop is designed for the participant interested in creative and innovative ways to connect to their clients. Have you ever had a difficult client that you felt disconnected from? Play Therapy has the capacity to allow members of the helping profession to connect to individuals when traditional talk therapy is not effective. This training provides participants with a different lens and perspective when considering clients across the lifespan, and interested in adding additional therapeutic techniques to their tool set.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will develop a further understanding of the field of play therapy; by definition Participants will be able to identify and implement at least 3 creative interventions for use specifically for use in the play therapy room with sand.

    1. Participants will be able to incorporate at least 2 creative interventions that utilize play therapy and music as a means to connect with their clients.
    2. Participants will be provided with an overview and case illustration via lecture, video and in-class demonstration, of varying case scenarios

Location: Via live webinar, or in-person at 4290 Belair Frontage Road, Suite A, Augusta, Georgia 30909.

*Webinar instructions and access will be emailed 3 business days prior to scheduled course date.*

Presented by: Shatisha M. Wilson, LPC, RPT, NCC

Cost: $95.00

APT Provider Number 16-467, 6 CE's

LPCA APPROVAL NUMBER 6644-16S, 6 Core CE's (Georgia)